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              A major tourist destination in the Lower North, Phitsanulok is situated on the banks of the Nan River some 377 kilometres from Bangkok. Most of the terrains are flatland, with mountain ranges running on the east where waterfalls and national parks offer opportunities for nature treks.

              Historically, Phitsanulok has been a major community since the time of the Khmers and enjoyed great prosperity during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods. During 1463-1487 it was practically another royal capital as King Borom Trailokanat of Ayutthaya resided permanently in the province.
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    Phitsanulok is administratively divided into the following districts: Muang, Wang Thong, Phrom Phiram, Bang Krathum, Bang Rakam, Wat Bot, Nakhon Thai, Chat Trakan and Noen Maprang.

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    More: http://www.tat.or.th/

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